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Jim Langworthy


JHS projects JHS projects KITCHEN UPDATE BEFORE 188826032 KITCHEN UPDATE AFTER 188826013 FIREPLACE BEFORE 188826021 FIREPLACE AFTER WITH CUSTOM BUILT-INS 188826014 KITCHEN BEFORE 188826016 KITCHEN AFTER WITH CUSTOM BACKSPLASH 188826015 FAMILY ROOM BEFORE 188826017 FAMILY ROOM AFTER WITH PERSONALIZED BUILT-INS 188826018 OLD DECK 188826019 NEW DECK 188826020 HOUSE BEFORE SHUTTERS 188826023 HOUSE AFTER SHUTTERS 188826022 ERECTED SWING SET 188826025 ADDED TAILOR-MADE MONKEY BARS 188826026 STAIRS BEFORE 188826030 STAIRS WITH NEW RAILINGS 188826027 BASEMENT BEFORE 188826029 BASEMENT WITH CUSTOM BUILT-INS 188826028 BACK PORCH BEFORE 188826034 BACK PORCH WITH ONE-OF-KIND PERGOLAS 188826033 FULL BATHROOM REMODEL 188863222 KITCHEN BEFORE 188863224 NEW CUSTOM KITCHEN BANQUETTE 188863223 SHOWER BEFORE 188863225 SHOWER AFTER WITH BRAND NEW TILE WORK 188863226 UNIQUE WINE BARREL OTTOMAN 188863227 VALLANCE 189154212 VALLANCE 189154216 Ceiling Repair Before 189411991 Ceiling Repair After 189411990 Sump & B/U Pump Replacement 189455633 Garage Shelving 189455745 Custom Daybed 189455746 Front Porch Before 189455721 Front Porch After 189455722 Mudroom Storage Bench Before 189455725 Mudroom Storage Bench After 189455726 Elmhurst Bathroom Before 189531794 Elmhurst Bathroom After 189531795 Laundry room 204233211