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Jim Langworthy


Meet Jim!

Jim Langworthy 

is a full-service handyman providing quality service to residential and commercial clients in the Elmhurst and surrounding suburbs and urban Chicagoland area. Jim is dedicated, comes highly recommended, and will take on any of your household needs... no job is too small.


After years of working in corporate America Jim decided to use his business degree to start a business that he has been training for since he was a kid. Jim gained his knowledge of fixing and building the way thousands of skilled tradesmen have for centuries: from his father. Jim spent his childhood learning all the tricks of the trade by helping his dad, a skilled tradesman himself. Jim's Handyman Services is family owned and operated. Jim lives in Elmhurst with his wife and two little helpers and loves being involved in his community. 

Meet the rest of our crew!

Jim has renovated bathrooms,

did painting, drywall repairs and

made beautiful custom entertainment

centers and mud rooms. 

JHS has strength of character and integrity. 

Why Us

People choose us time and time again because of the breadth and depth of Jim's knowledge of home repairs and custom woodworking. This, along with Jim's honesty, reliability, and work ethic is the winning combination that earns us a high customer satisfaction rating and satisfied and returning customers. 

Shop local

When you choose a local business you know you aren't just helping another super-power CEO buy their third vacation home.

You are helping a dad get piano lessons for his daughter.

You are helping a mom get a new bike for her son.

You're helping parents save up for college (and braces).

And you are helping a family home stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and helping to keep food on the table.

You can trust with a local business, like ours, that you will always get the care you deserve.

We'll be seeing you around the neighborhood. 

Our handyman services include (but are not limited to) the following...